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I never thought I could see this much difference in just three weeks! I'm laying the foundations for a healthier me!

Lynn Ramadan Lebanese
Participants from Healthy Living with Friends

This program has taught me that any excuses and obstacles we use to justify not having a healthy lifestyle are only in our head!

Dana Charkaoui Lebanese
Participants from Healthy Living with Friends

Having a supportive community to share the same experience with has given me the motivation to keep on going! Looking forward for the remaining of the program!

Rachelle Saad Lebanese
Participants from Healthy Living with Friends

After enrolling in this program, I feel the difference not only in terms of weight loss, but also in my lifestyle. It is very flexible and benefited me in many ways. I'm seeing many changes in a short time!

Reem Jawad Lebanese
Participants from Healthy Living with Friends

I am Charles. I had to go on a diet to get back on track, health wise, and I was struggling to lose weight even though I was going to the gym.
A close friend recommended Dr. Nada, and I knew that losing weight was going to take a serious decision on my behalf.

When I met Dr. Nada, she was really nice, warm and welcoming. She motivated me and gained my trust. I relied on her experience and weekly follow-ups. I lost 9Kg within a month and a half, and that was a great challenge.

Thank you Dr. Nada for being such a nice person, for your guidance and motivation which helped me reach my goal.

Charles Salameh Lebanese

I met Dr. Nada 14 years ago. I was an unhealthy person who followed many fad diets and went in cycles from fat to skinny-fat and vice-versa. Dr. Nada taught me what “healthy” really meant. I still remember my first session with her, it was an eye-opening crash course on nutrition and body.
Dr. Nada never put me on a “diet”, or I never felt it at least! She understood my lifestyle and catered to it. It was always about how to ENJOY living a HEALTHY lifestyle. I lost all my extra fat and never gained it back, all I gained was knowledge, health, muscles, and confidence.
She accompanied me, my family, and my kids all these years, and we are a proud healthy family today who believes in the power of clean, balanced and varied eating.

Remie Abdo Lebanese

Dr. Nada analyzed my body’s weaknesses and understood my habits, my family routine, and the food I like. She helped me manage and overcome my illnesses with the proper diet plan.
She also showed me the way to a new lifestyle and made me enjoy what I eat without making me go hungry.
Dr. Nada was always available and supported me during my ups and downs till I reached my target.

Reham Alallamy Egyptian

This was my first time ever seeing a Dietitian. Dr. Nada made me feel very comfortable and came up with an action plan after reviewing all my medical records at length.
Within a couple of weeks of following her nutrition program and advice, I could already see a difference. She is great to work with and she genuinely cares about her client. I look forward to continuing my path to great health and fitness together.

Saraswatee Coopoosawmy Mauritian

Being a cabin crew member who is always flying and changing time zones, it was always challenging for me to maintain a consistent diet. But with the help of Dr. Nada, dieting has been easier and more consistent.

Charbel Daccache Lebanese

At first, losing weight wasn’t really easy, as I was more focused on taking care of my daughter. I knew breastfeeding would definitely help my weight loss, that’s why I decided to go to a dietitian who could assist me in losing the weight I had gained during my pregnancy without getting tired or starving while breastfeeding. Following this diet totally changed my eating habits. Once I lost my pregnancy weight, I felt so good that I wanted to keep it up. Dr. Nada encouraged me to go that extra mile and reach my target weight.

Sandra Jurdak Lebanese